I Have a New Summer Job

I am not really making the same sort of money, but I am probably a little happier and there are a lot of women in this office. For a couple of weeks I was working at a temp service and they set me up with a place that does hydro jetting services in NJ, which if you do not know involves cleaning out sewers. I did not hate it as much as I thought that I would, but it is not the sort of job you dream about when you are in high school. I was happy with the pay and in fact I spent a good deal of time driving around in a pick up truck with three other guys. However it was not going to get me any closer to where I wanted to be, which was obviously not so close to a sewer. I am trying to make some money before I go back to college, or the college campus at least. I am still taking about three hours of college credit this summer, after I get home.

I am working in an office which has a large IT department and they are pretty much treating me like an intern, although they are paying me pretty much as though I was a janitor and I spent a lot of time running errands. So far as they are concerned the most important thing that I do is fetch lunch from whichever place they decide to eat. Usually they can not agree and so I end up getting lunch from more than one place. Of course I just have them deliver a lot of the time, but usually I am running around a lot. I am trying to learn the job and hoping to prove that I am ready for it.

Campus Living and Building Memories

College is one of the most memorable times of a person’s life. People often will remember cramming for a test, the anxiety of knowing if you passed or not and being able to attend local college parties. The friends you meet and the adventures you will have as a student at college. The student flats in edinburgh are good at accommodating this and helping students to travel and get around to their classes in a timely manner, so that they won’t fall short of the education that they need in order to learn. For many having a flat will be an important part of the college campus experience.

Having a student flat will help make getting to class much easier. The commute will be a lot shorter than simply having to drive or take a bus to college every day. Long commutes can make it harder for you to get to your classes or get home to study in a timely manner. Being late to class can mean the difference between a pass and a failure. It can also have an effect on your reputation too. A student who shows up for class early will be looked upon with more prestige than a student who is always late.

Another fun aspect of having a student flat is roommates. Roommates may help with chores and making other tasks easier a roommate may even also help with studying and other activities. Having someone to socialize with may take a lot of the pressure off study. It’s important to have someone you can vent to or have to help you with studying or maybe in a class that you are struggling with to give you advice. The student flats in Edinburgh are well-built, air conditioned and heated. Your memories and experience living on a campus will be memories that will follow you for the rest of your life.