NTRO/R&AW offices outside goa, have noticed the goa government domain ownership, FINANCIAL FRAUD

Even NTRO/R&AW office in Mumbai has noticed the goa government domain ownership fraud
In goa, all the ntro/raw/cbi employees are making a lot of money from the google, tata masterminded domain ownership, paypal, banking fraud, so they do not think that they are doing anything wrong, and that the fraud is noticeable. In goa, the corruption, nepotism, fraud levels are astronomical, in large cities like mumbai, hyderabad, they are more professional, and will not openly make fake claims about domain ownership without paying for domains

It appears that after ten years of the fraud, other branches of ntro/raw especially mumbai and hyderabad have noticed that there are many loopholes in the false story of the goa government, ntro/raw/cbi in goa about domain ownership, paypal account
For example, the goa government falsely claims that raw/cbi employees, who do not spend any money on domains, are owning all the domains, to waste indian taxpayer money on all these frauds, paying them monthly government salaries

When the domain investor went to Mumbai, she got many ads for domain control, since anyone who has registered even a single domain is aware of the fact that the person who pays for the domain, will control it.
Similarly the fraud reddit user hypatianism who posted a very defamatory post about the domain investor, was wondering how the stories of the domain investor, especially regarding sunaina chodan, were posted on so many PAID DOMAINS since the indian and state governments refused to acknowledge the fact that she is paying for and controlling the domains, paying call girls a monthly salary for FALSELY CLAIMING to own the domains with their SEX STORIES

Yet R&AW/NTRO has a extremely flawed system, that though multiple branches of ntro/raw have noticed the goa government/ntro/raw domain ownership fraud, no action is taken to end it