I Am Going to Be Home Soon

Of course I stopped in Utah to see John and G.J. while I had the time. As you would expect John was living like a normal college student there and G.J. was acting like a guy who was made of money. I know that his parents have incredible amounts of money, but it always amazed me how willingly they would let him like a princeling in utter debauchery. In truth what he was doing was sort of a weirdly normal version of his usual life. He was paying for the girlfriend experience in Provo UT. It was a strangely domestic scene. This girl looked pretty much exactly like the better looking college girls that you see everywhere you look in any college town. In fact she was helping him with his homework while I was there and then she made us hamburgers on the grill. I told him that the man was supposed to do the grilling, but I doubted that he even knew how to turn on a grill to be honest about it.

At any rate I went out with John and bought him some dinner, then I asked him if he needed anything. I could tell that he was broke and asked him why he had not gotten G.J. to give him some money. Of course I knew that he was not going to ask me or anyone else for a penny. He is way too proud for that. I gave him two hundred buck and wrote out a loan agreement just to make him happy. I threw it away after I left, but he would not ever forget it if he lived a hundred years. The money was not much of anything to me, I am really doing great thanks to my great skill at picking girlfriends with rich families.