I Wrote an English Term Paper on Vegas Escorts

I am currently taking an advanced English class in my Freshman year of college. One of our first assignments is to write a term paper on any topic of our choosing. I decided to go out on a limb and make escorts in Las Vegas Nevada the subject of my assignment. I intend to focus on the escorts that do not provide sexual favors and what type of men hire these women and what do they do. It seems pretty simple but I think I’m getting ready to open Pandora’s box.

The first step I must take is to research some of the more prominent escort companies in the Las Vegas area. I dove right in and started browsing the websites of these companies. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a lot of these girls will go out on “dates” with the men that hire them. Some of the men that acquire these services are from out of town and don’t like to be alone. They merely want somebody to spend some time with and maybe have dinner and/or explore Sin City and see what she has to offer. I’m starting to gain a completely different perspective of these escorts that simply go on dates with different men with no expectations of having to provide sexual favors. So, if you break it down they are getting paid to have dinner and hang out with you. I never expected my term paper to go in this direction or to gain respect and admiration for the women that get paid to spend innocent time with lonely men. Don’t get me wrong now, I know there are different types of escorts out there and not all of them set boundaries about what they will and will not do with you. Maybe my next term paper will be about the other type of escorts out there.