Foreign intelligence agencies realize the fraud of indian government in stealing orders of identity theft victims

It is widely agreed that bribed by google, tata, indian, Goan, karnataka. MP government are worse than the saudi killers of Jamal khashoggi, unable to provide any evidence at all, R&AW/cbi employees sex worker, frauds faking a btech 1993 ee degree are experienced engineers and have their own paypal account

, so these fraud governments are putting the experienced engineer under surveillance and falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored PROSTITUTE, FRAUD RAW/CBI employees, greedy frauds who have never done any work, are doing all the work online, have the paypal account of the engineer, so that the goan prostitutes, school dropouts and other fraud raw/cbi employees get great powers and a monthly raw/cbi salary at the expense of the engineer

In a clear indication that hardworking experienced engineers are not valued in India, the PROSTITUTE, SCHOOL DROPOUT and fraud worshipping ntro employees led by the cruel brahmin mhow cheater puneet, are viciously defaming, cheating and exploiting the engineer and falsely claiming that that the fraud raw/cbi employees especially indore document robber housewife veena, goan bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, gujju school dropot housewife veena and other frauds who have never opened a paypal account, own the paypal account of the engineer.

When the indian, Goan, karnataka. MP government cannot provide any evidence of paypal account ownership, why are these governments allowed to continue with their paypal fraud since 2010, defaming cheating and exploiting the engineer, based exclusively on the lies of the fraud NTRO employees who are like saudi killers, only making fake statements , and cannot provide any evidence of paypal account ownership.

Now to cover up their paypal, banking, financial fraud, R&AW,cbi, ntro, state and central governments are extremely vicious in ensuring that the engineer does not get any paid work and are defaming her in the worst possible manner as a person with no skills, not doing any work at all, with the powerful fraud ntro employee parmar specializing in blocking payment, stealing orders. Parmar has an excellent network in almost all the indian paypal account holders , internet users, for blocking almost all the payment and orders of anyone he is targetting. He is also taking orders from companies like google, to reduce the revenues of any indian these companies wish.

However some intelligence agencies have realized the fraud of the indian government, and that the brilliant experienced engineer is not getting any paid work to reduce her revenues, so they are giving some work, to prove that the indian government is involved in identity theft of experienced engineers from best colleges because the fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree, will never match the engineer in work ethic, learning ability, experience of the engineers who are being defamed, cheated and exploited, victims of indian government identity theft