“Bring me the head of the dog” NTRO, raw, cbi employees have a similar attitude

The Saudi official’s command “Bring me the head of the dog” before killing Jamal Khashoggi has received widespread coverage in the mainstream media worldwide, especially in western countries, however in India, government officials in India also use the word for insulting.

However few are aware of the fact that NTRO, raw, cbi employees are also having a similar attitude, calling indian citizens, especially domain investors, “dogs” and other animals while mentally torturing them using voice to skull technology. In a book of Jyotibhau Phule, the social reformer, he said that during the rule of peshwas lower caste people were treated like animals

This clearly shows that though India officially claims to be a democracy, India shares a lot of traditions with Saudi Arabia, including calling officials calling citizens ‘dogs”. It now appears that the Muslim and Mughal rulers of India who ruled most of India for over 400 years have a far greater influence on indian intelligence and security agencies than the British who ruled India for a century