Incompetent intelligence, CBI employees blinded by their prejudice

One of the greatest examples of the incompetence of indian intelligence, cbi employees is how they are blinded by their prejudice, wasting crores of rupees in indian tax payer money, trying to find non existent proof against an innocent harmless engineer.
Since 2010, the cbi employees have been monitoring all the transactions of the google competitor, trying to find non existent proof of money laundering . they are refusing to accept the fact that the engineer has almost no source of cash, other than what she withdraws from her bank account.
Sometimes because of illness or unpleasant weather, the engineer is unable to go out and spend money, however this problem is faced by everyone, yet the cbi employees are so prejudiced against the engineer, that they continue to waste tax payer money, to monitor almost every transaction for more than 8 years

The engineer wonders for how many more years, these prejudiced and incompetent cbi employees are going to monitor all her cash transactions. Anyone else who is also facing the same problem should share their experience