google competitor fighting lonely battle against fraud ntro employees who have stolen everything

The indian intelligence agencies are lacking in intelligence when they hire employees based solely on fake references, without taking into account the changing nature of human relationships

There are many people who marry a richer or more powerful spouse only for money and power, not because they are in love, so that they can enjoy the benefits, and may have an extra marital affair with someone else who they are in love with. The colors serial bepanah is an example of how the character puja hooda marries into a rich family and has an extra marital affair with someone else, yash arora

In the same way, ntro employees may fake their relationship with a woman who has an impressive resume, investment, experience, work ethic, skills, so that they can steal her impressive resume, savings, correspondnece, and get their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced girlfriends and relatives lucrative raw/cbi jobs with the stolen resume

While it is easy for any person to make fake verbal claims, it is an indication of the lack of competence of indian intelligence agencies that they are wasting tax payer money on frauds who have got fake references from powerful fraud ntro employees who are infatuated with them, and do not independently conduct a background check to verify the details and end the fraud.