R&AW job for cheating, stealing documents of relative

India, is becoming worse than communist russia, as family members spy on each other, and are rewarded for betrayal
R&AW/cbi are not respected worldwide because these indian intelligence agencies are extremely brazen in their fraud making fake claims about the resume, investment and skills of their lazy greedy fraud inexperienced employees. For example in a major financial and banking fraud, raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy google, tata sponsored sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud employees who do not spend any money online, own this and other websites of a private citizen, to pay all these frauds a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the real domain investor.,
Anyone reading the blog, will immediately realize that the person legally owning and controlling the website is not associated with the indian intelligence and security agencies in any way at all, in fact is a victim of their fraud, yet ntro,raw, cbi continue to shamelessly make fake claims for more than 8 years, making a fool of themselves worldwide
One of the greatest frauds in India is how google, tata rewarded the indore document robber housewife bespectacled veena with a R&AW job for her crime of stealing the documents of the domain investor, and are falsely claiming that the indore crook owns this and other websites, paypal account of the domain investor.
Indore housewife R&AW employee fraud veena is only looking after her family and home, does not spend any time and money online, yet since 2012, R&AW and the indian government has continued with its great online fraud of falsely claiming that the indore crook owns this website and other websites of the relative whose documents she has stolen.