“Bring me the head of the dog” NTRO, raw, cbi employees have a similar attitude

The Saudi official’s command “Bring me the head of the dog” before killing Jamal Khashoggi has received widespread coverage in the mainstream media worldwide, especially in western countries, however in India, government officials in India also use the word for insulting.

However few are aware of the fact that NTRO, raw, cbi employees are also having a similar attitude, calling indian citizens, especially domain investors, “dogs” and other animals while mentally torturing them using voice to skull technology. In a book of Jyotibhau Phule, the social reformer, he said that during the rule of peshwas lower caste people were treated like animals

This clearly shows that though India officially claims to be a democracy, India shares a lot of traditions with Saudi Arabia, including calling officials calling citizens ‘dogs”. It now appears that the Muslim and Mughal rulers of India who ruled most of India for over 400 years have a far greater influence on indian intelligence and security agencies than the British who ruled India for a century

Unlike the turkish intelligence,incompetent indian intelligence cannot provide any proof of relationship, yet waste taxpayer money on sugarbabies of ntro employees

In a clear indication of the incompetence of the state,central government , R&AW,cbi, intelligence agencies , they are using completely fake verbal claims of the ntro employees to justify the identity theft of a single woman engineer with a good JEE rank, google competitor, instead of using other data like photos, phone calls, messages , which are accepted worldwide to establish the relationship between individuals

For example for the killing of the saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the crown prince of saudi arabia has been linked, because some of the 15 men allegedly involved were photographed repeatedly with the crown prince in public places in the United states. Only if a person was officially or unofficially associated with the crown prince, he would accompany the prince to the united states, this is the logic of intelligence agencies worldwide including the Turkish intelligence agencies who have released the photos as proof.

Though the fraud ntro employees puneet, j srinivasan, parmar, patel, vijay have stolen the identity of the google competitor, engineer, they have no legally valid proof that they have any kind of relationship with the engineer. No genuine photo of the engineer with any of the ntro employees at a social or professional function can be provided, there are no phone calls, smses, emails or other messages received by the engineer from the ntro employees in the last 25 years. On the other hand, there is plenty of proof to show the relationship between the ntro employees like puneet and their sugar babies like nayanshree hathwar who they have got raw/cbi jobs with a stolen identity of the google competitor.

Photographs taken at public places like buses, trains, roads or shops cannot be considered as proof of the relationship, since they can be manipulated. So clearly there is no relationship between the ntro employees and the google competitor, engineer whose identity they have stolent to get raw/cbi jobs for their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced call girl, cheater housewife and other fraud sugar babies .

An open challenge to the indian intelligence agencies to provide proof like the turkish intelligence agencies of any kind of relationship between the ntro employees and the engineer, google competitor whose identity, correspondence they have stolen since 2010.

Goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan openly boasts that goa police will never take any action against her for any crime

In a clear indication of the extremely high levels of corruption and nepotism in goa of the intelligence and security agencies, the google, tata sponsored Goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan openly boasts that goa police will never take any action against her for any crime .

One of the greatest frauds of the indian and goan government is how the harmless hardworking single woman bhandari engineer with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo is falsely labelled a security threat without any proof at all, while the corrupt Goan security agencies continue to pamper, reward google, tata sponsored robber, burglar goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan for her crime of criminal trespassing, robbery and burglary on the harmless single woman bhandari engineer.

Security agencies are supposed to keep the city safe, yet in panaji goa, the security agencies in goa are so hopelessly corrupt and dishonest, that they are openly pampering and rewarding the goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan for her crime of criminal trespassing, robbery and burglary on the harmless single woman bhandari engineer.

In 2013 itself, the goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan was openly boasting in panaji, goa, that even if anyone complained about her to the goa police, no action will be taken. She also threatened anyone who was trying to speak to her, that she would file a police complaint for harassment indicating that she has a very powerful lover, sugar daddy, relative in security agencies who is protecting her for all her crimes.

While before 15 February 2018, goan R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, was only involved in criminal trespassing and robbery, after the chief minister of goa, was hospitalized, she and her associates are openly involved in repeated burglaries and robberies of the home of the google competitor, engineer as sunaina and her associates are overconfident that no one will take any action against her,since the home minister is not well

CIA, NSA, google defaming reputed indian engineering company, because their identity theft fraud on google competitor failed

Though times of india , navhind times, herald are always carrying positive stories about the sundar pichai led google, it is one of the greatest fraud companies in the world, openly and brazenly involved in identity theft of google competitors, bribing the indian government to waste more than Rs 30 crore of indian tax payer money to defame without proof and destroy the life of the harmless google competitor .

Google, tata along with their fraud unpatriotic stooges in ntro, raw, cbi are so vicious in defaming the google competitor that they refuse to acknowledge the education, experience, hard work, skills of the google competitor, and falsely claim that the lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced goan prostitutes sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, school dropout gujju housewife naina, brahmin cheater housewives nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak, indore document robber veena, asmita patel, deepika, ruchika and other fraud raw/cbi employees who did not answer JEE, have the impressive resume, investment of the google competitor who had a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai

While almost all the top officials in ntro, indian internet sector are shameless frauds and liars, making fake claims about domain ownership, the google competitor is also an experienced engineer, who has worked for several years in a very reputed engineering company . Why ntro, internet sector officials have no professional and personal integrity , and are openly involved in professional misconduct of giving fake references, in the engineering sector, giving fake references of engineering work is not acceptable.

So the engineering company is allegedly not willing to falsely claim that lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced goan prostitutes sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, school dropout gujju housewife naina, brahmin cheater housewives nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak, indore document robber veena, asmita patel, deepika, ruchika and other fraud raw/cbi employees who did not answer JEE, did not work as engineers, were their employees . So ntro, cbi, R&AW, are so upset that their identity theft fraud is exposed, that they are defaming the engineering company

On 18 September 2018, on Quora as part of the sustained defamation of ntro, cbi, R&AW against anyone opposing the identity theft racket of google, tata, the first question asked was why should all colleges ban “engineering company” from their campus ? The engineering company is one of the best companies in India for employees, especially those who are honest and hardworking,unlike the indian internet sector, where top officials are involved in a brazen banking online fraud

Yet because the company is not giving fake references to goan call girl R&AW employees especially siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan,raw/cbi employees indore document robber veena, brahmin housewives nayanshree hathwar 2005 bbm, riddhi nayak, gujju school dropout housewife naina who have not worked as employees , NTRO, cbi, R&AW, google, tata are defaming the engineering company, in another indication of the lack of ethics of these fraud indian government agencies and internet companies.

Instead of having the honesty, humanity and grace to admit that poor judgement, greed, hatred and lack of ethics was the reason for the failure of the audacious identity theft fraud attempt since 2010, NTRO, R&AW, cbi, google , tata refuse to admit their mistake, viciously defame engineering company for their failure to steal the identity of the google competitor, in another indication of the high levels of corruption, nepotism, fraud in the indian government, corporate world especially the indian it and internet sector.

Can Deepak singh defend the theft of google competitors savings, memory, correspondence, resume by R&AW/cbi/ntro openly

It appears that now R&AW is trying to defend its endless frauds on the google competitor through its associate Deepak singh on Quora , who is trying to cover up the atrocities, banking, financial fraud falsely saying that the google competitor is upset because she was not hired when actually the reason is very different, these organization are wasting tax payer money to defame her.

The google competitor is least interested in a government or other job because there are some risks involved like fake cases, which these organizations specialize in , however raw, cbi, ntro have stolen her retirement savings and are stealing her resume, memory and correspondence without a legally valid reason since 2010, causing great losses to the google competitor, in a clear case of human rights abuses, discrimination

NTRO, R&AW, cbi have also viciously defamed, cheated, and exploited the engineer and are wasting tax payer money to dupe people, companies and countries that their call girl, school dropout, cheater housewife, document robber and other fraud employees have the impressive resume, savings, of the google competitor, a private citizen. When these organizations are defaming the harmless engineer, she will defend herself and expose the fact that the employees of raw.cbi, ntro are shameless liars, cheaters with no personal and professional integrity

When R&AW/cbi employees are not experienced engineers, domain investors why are raw/cbi/ntro making fake claims why not honestly admit that they only employ google tata supplied goan prostitutes, school dropouts, cheater housewives and google,tata sponsored frauds and criminals who never answered JEE, why dupe companies, countries and people with their fake claims about domain ownership, engineering qualification and experience

NTRO/raw/cbi have stolen google competitor savings and falsely claim it belongs to their prostitute, cheater housewife and fraud employees when these lazy fraud employees never had a job, had no customers , no savings of their own in a clear case of defamation

NTRO, R&AW allow plenty of orders for frauds who threaten fake cases while domain investors are broke

One of the reasons why Indian websites like worknhire are not able to match Upwork is because indian requesters like Anita are threatening fake cases for extremely flimsy reasons like refusal to work after sending malware, when there is no contract at all
There is also no payment till date. On the other hand, the domain investor has still not recovered the Rs 1.1 lakh looted by google, tata sponsored R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar, who was rewarded with a R&AW job for her crime though she does no work online, does not invest any money online and does not have a btech 1993 ee degree .

The bidder has the right to refuse if their computer is infected with malware due to the files the requester sent, as the losses will be great, however the requester is threatening fake cases, asking the person to speak to the lawyer indicating the mindset of those who are pampered with orders in the indian internet sector.

NTRO, google, tata are harassing harmless small business owners , domain investors saying that they are troublemakers, and refusing to take any action against the troublemakers like Anita sending malware files, threatening fake cases to extort money when there is no contract, and no payment at all

Working with for non Indian websites, no fake cases are filed, Those filing fake cases should be boycoted for harassing people , trying to extort money

Indian intellligence agencies show poor judgement repeatedly resulting in NPAs, bank losses

The media reported that India’s largest bank SBI had posted its largest ever loss, of more than Rs 7000 crore, and this is largely because the indian government is allowing the extremely powerful corrupt dishonest intelligence and security agencies to run amok, harassing harmless hardworking indian citizens to steal their resumes, savings, make their relatives, friends rich and powerful, and allowing defaulter to roam around freely

The total losses of the public sector banks in India are now exceeding Rs 50,000 crore according to media reports, and this is largely because of the inefficiency and incompetence, dishonesty and corruption of the indian intelligence and security agencies . The bank employee sanctioning the loan should be able to judge the repayment ability of the person taking the loan fairly well, however in 2018, the indian government has given great powers and pays a monthly government salary to greedy dishonest liar cheater officials who are poor judges of character and does not penalize for making mistakes which cause the loss of crores of indian tax payer money

For example, the fraud ntro employees like hathwar, kodancha, j srinivasan, puneet, vijay, parmar, patel are given great powers though they are extremely poor judges of character, competence, risk taking ability, allowed to waste crores of rupees of indian tax payer money without being questioned. These ntro employees thought that they could steal the identity of an experienced engineer for their lazy greedy inexperienced relatives and friends, so they subjected the engineer to an identity theft attempt for 7 years, wasting crores of rupees in tax payer money and resources.

After 7 years, it is clear that the relatives and friends of these intelligence employees like nayanshree hathwar are only interested in housekeeping or offering sex services, no one is interested in doing any work online and investing any money online. Why did the powerful cbi, ntro employees not judge the competence and risk taking ability of their lazy greedy cheater liar relatives, friends correctly before they started their great fraud of stealing the identity of an experienced engineer?

Intelligence agencies are supposed to predict the future accurately , however indian intelligence employees appear to be lacking in intelligence

Indian intelligence agencies quick to make fake allegations against harmless citizens, refuse to correct their own mistakes

Indian intelligence agencies are not rated highly worldwide because R&AW,cbi, ntro are quick to make fake allegations against harmless citizens without any proof at all, yet refuse to correct their own mistakes, flaws in the system, though they are obvious for years. For example fake allegations of money laundering were made against the domain investor without any legally valid proof, and a decision to steal her identity within 3 months, in June 2010, after she got a lot of money through Paypal in April, May 2010 from link sales.

After wasting tax payer money for more than 8 years, no legally valid proof has been found, yet the incompetent corrupt indian intelligence agencies refuse to admit their mistake and end their atrocities on the domain investor, in a clear indication of the inefficiency. They also refuse to reverse the identity theft of the domain investor, experienced engineer whose identity has been stolen by 10 google, tata supplied goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds

Led by brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet, parmar, j srinivasan, the ntro employees are involved in a major online, banking., financial fraud, falsely claiming that their favorite goan call girls, frauds are online experts, domain investors, For 8 years, these cunning crooked ntro employees wasted crores of indian tax payer money to defame the domain investor without any proof who they then cheated and exploited

Being ruthless frauds they lack the humanity, honesty and integrity to admit their mistake, and compensate their victim , so if the domain investor has to survive she will have to prove that the cheater liar ntro employees are the greatest frauds in the world, duping people, companies and countries that google, tata supplied goan prostitutes, cheater housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any time and money online, are online investors, experts

The fraud ntro employees wasting time and tax payer money pampering and promoting goan prostitutes, school dropouts and other frauds, now they are again wasting their time and tax payer money covering up their fraud, and the engineer is also wasting her time and money exposing the fraud to prevent further losses, exploitation . So the ntro, sex, bribery racket, banking fraud, is causes losses and waste all around, clear proof of the inefficiency and incompetence of the indian and goan government.

If the indian government had proper systems, the ntro employees should have never been allowed to get raw/cbi jobs for their girlfriends, relatives, solely based on fake references, stealing the identity of their classmate, who they hated, raw/cbi should have independently checked the resume, skills, experience, savings of the women who got fake references from ntro employees like mhow cheater puneet

Western intelligence agencies are very good at manipulating top indian officials

The decline in the revenues of patanjali exposed the fact, that Western intelligence agencies are very good at manipulating top indian officials, and policy makers, so that they attain their own goals, while the indian officials waste tax payer money and resources.
The US, UK intelligence agencies understand the mindset of indians very well, their weaknesses which they can exploit, while indians lack a similar understanding of their western counterparts, they are often grovelling before the westerners.

For example slim google, tata supplied goan bhandari R&AWemployee sex worker sunaina chodan has never done any work online in her life, and is least interested in doing so. However google, cia, nsa wanted to defame the google competitor, so they manipulated top ntro officials like j srinivasan, puneet to abuse their powers and falsely claim that sunaina, the panaji prostitute was working online, and they managed to do so. So though sunaina is only a call girl, she has got great powers at the expense of the google competitor, and is now abusing them to harass the google competior, causing her great losses, increasing the profit of google

It appears that the MNC companies had the person or persons in charge at Patanjali make some incorrect decisions like
– only supplying expensive rice costing more than rs 100 a kg
– advertising extensively when there are few or no retailers
– many products are out of stock at retailers, cheaper products are not easily available
– retailers are not very interested in selling, or are located at hidden locations

When google, could have its lazy mediocre fraud associates hold important jobs in R&AW/cbi with stolen identities of competitors, it must be simple for the MNCs to manipulate the decision makers at patanjali, because the company allegedly took pride in its indian culture.

School dropout gujju housewife cbi employee and goan bhandari R&AW employee battle it out in panaji intelligence agency soap opera

Google, tata masterminded sex, bribery racket, identity theft fraud on a harmless google competitor is becoming a major soap opera in indian intelligence agencies. Now the google competitor whose identity has been stolen is largely out of the picture and now the raw/cbi employees who have stolen the identity are now battling it out in the latest episode of the soap opera in panaji, goa

Google, tata have started the fraud of falsely claiming that women who keep their house and other belongings extremely clean, who have not used the internet, are domain investors, online experts, exploiting the real domain investor owning this website also, and the school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, who looks like actress sneha wagh, is the main beneficiary of this google, tata fraud.

Also the gujju cbi employee fraudster naina and her family have plenty of cash, so they keep purchasing new cars, without making any arrangement for parking their car. So naina is forced to park her car Maruti Wagonr near the house of raw employee sunaina(who looks like mallika sherawat) who has a star gooseberry tree planted near her house. The star gooseberry tree is shedding the leaves frequently and naina’s car parked on the roadside is getting covered by the leaves

This angers the school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina who takes great pride in keeping her house immaculately clean, as she has to clean the car everytime she uses it, so to avoid wasting time cleaning the car, removing the leaves which have fallen on the car, she allegedly used her influence to get the gooseberry tree (amla) tree cut. Cbi employee naina was spotted asking the civic employees to cut more of the plants of R&AW employee sunaina

Since officially only person can claim to have the identity if the google competitor , more updates on the panaji intelligence soap opera, started by google, tata, soon