Moneycontrol, hindu business line articles on R&AW employee amita patel legally show that R&AW/cbi are making fake claims about their employees

Intelligence, security agencies complaining about the website content, should first explain the Moneycontrol, hindu business line articles on R&AW employee amita patel which clearly show that R&AW/cbi are making fake claims about their employees using false information, while criminally defaming other indian citizens, especially hardworking older single women domain investors who have no one to help or defend them.

The moneycontrol article clearly showed that amita patel was never investing money in domains, yet from 2013 till date, raw/cbi are falsely claiming that amita patel, greedy gujju fraudster, owns this and other domains of a single woman domain investor to pay amita patel and others a monthly raw salary at the expense of the real domain investor who is making great financial losses because of the raw/cbi domain ownership fraud

R&AW/cbi are also refusing to update their internet sector related records for the last 5-6 years , and stop their criminal defamation of private citizens like the domain investor owning this website, so countries, companies and people should be aware that R&AW/cbi are openly involved in a online fraud, making fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud employees with no online income, no online investment

Impact of Air Conditioning, Heating on Covid and Ecological Disasters

Many things in life become outdated. Outdated products are often hard to get rid of, but in the case of HVAC it is often desirable of most people to have a system which not only functions efficiently but it is also cheap and safe. The hvac installation in nyc and the greater metropolis area (cities which included Washington DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore) are greatly in demand. Many systems can have the danger of CO2 leaks and other issues, but safer technologies have been created and are growing to the meet the demands of ever growing environmentally friendly consumer group. These groups demand services and products which consume less energy, but work more efficiently.

These areas have some of the highest demands in the world for efficient HVAC units. Although, today it may not seem like it these regions have some of the greatest temperature variations on the planet with strong winters and hot summers. A system of heating and cooling needs to be as robust as it is versatile. Versatility in heating systems in places like New York City can be a matter between life and death. The blistering cold winters of New York City in the past have led to many of deaths. The worst winter storm caused well over a dozen deaths and would have been worse if not for proper heating units.

Nowadays with COVID driving everyone inside of their homes these heating systems are more important than ever before. People rely on these systems in order to stay in their homes in comfort rather than risk catching this contagious illness outside. The importance of distancing and staying inside until solutions can be put forth to solve this virus are more important than ever as summer begins. Air conditioning provides comfort from the blistering heat which can cause dangerous heat strokes and leave people severely injured outside. AC reliability is something we are appreciative of and technology is improving so that these systems can help us weather through ecological and social disasters.