Panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL spy sunaina chodan deletes instagram account after it is confirmed that she is the SUGAR BABY of top government employees

Usually if a powerful government official is really a friend of a citizen, he or she will usually benefit, getting orders, or better work. yet in one of the greatest online, financial frauds since 2010, cunning cruel powerful cheater top government employees allegedly led by bengaluru brahmin cheater puneet have FAKING FRIENDSHIP with a single woman engineer who they HATE, CRIMINALLY DEFAME, have never contacted, only because they want to destroy her life completely and rob everything from her to become richer, powerful without being questioned

A single woman professional, investor will get credit for all her achievements, savings, yet in one of the greatest financial frauds of the top government employees they DUPED almost everyone that all the savings of the single woman engineer belonged to them, she was only a proxy for the cheater government employees, when actually there was no connection at all.

The cheater top government employees also then used this fake rumors to get all their lazy greedy fraud girlfriends, lucrative government jobs in the internet sector with the robbed resume, data of the single woman while destroy her reputation, finances completely. Though the single woman engineer was protesting loudly, the cheater government employees, tech and internet companies continued their relationship fraud in the metro city, goa where the relationship fraud was very beneficial for the officials and their relatives

Only at the home town of the domain investor, a few people are trying to verify the relationship whether there is actually any connection, and they have found that the government employees have never contacted the domain investor anytime, though they continue to make fake claims , spread fake rumors so that their lazy greedy girlfriends continue to benefit, get monthly government salaries

Only when the father of the domain investor was seriously ill, some people noticed that the cunning cheater LIAR TOP government employees led by cheater puneet who were FAKING help, friendship for 14 years to cheat, exploit, rob her without being questioned, did not contact her at all, and that they were only FAKING help to rob, cheat, exploit, torture her without getting the necessary legal permissions.

They also realized that panaji goan bhandari cheater sunaina was the real sugar baby/girlfriend of top indian government employees, who were abusing their powers to make fake claims about shameless sunaina since 2012, get her great powers, monthly government salary. After their great relationship fraud on the single woman engineer who they HATED was exposed, these cunning cheater top government employees told sunaina to delete her instagram account with her personal information