ISI may have learned how to isolate people like former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani from R&AW/cbi

According to AFP media reports former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani, could not do anything because he was extremely isolated and could not trust anyone. If his resume is checked, he is mainly an academic, professional who lived in USA for many years, not a grassroot politician
The domain investor who is also almost completely isolated in panaji, goa has realized that it is very easy to isolate a person who has not lived in the area for many years. Though ntro/raw/cbi employees dismiss all the website content as spam, they provide an excellent source of information on the harassment techniques used by indian government agencies on citizens whose life they wish to destroy, isolating the person
It appears that ISI has learned the isolation, harassment techniques from R&AW/cbi very well and used it on former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani to control Afghanistan through the Taliban