US spies, diplomats worldwide attacked using Google’s favorite microwave torture weapon in India

After google allegedly bribed indore ROBBER RAW employees deepika, mahesh, goan frauds to destroy the MEMORY of the goa 1989 jee topper, now US spies diplomats worldwide being tortured similarly
Though google gets positive coverage in the mainstream media in India, google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi are openly involved in one of the biggest FINANCIAL FRAUDS, HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES in the world, using directed energy weapons to destroy competition. Specifically google was extremely ruthless in using the services of indore ROBBER RAW employees deepika, mahesh, goan fraud raw/cbi employees riddhi nayak caro, siddhi mandrekar, slim goan bhandari sunaina chodan, to criminally torture the goa 1989 jee topper, using directed energy weapons to destroy her memory, causing great pain, destroying her brain cells.

The damage to the brain cells, almost every day by the security agencies in goa, who were receiving Rs 40000 or more from the indore robber R&AW employees deepika, mahesh was so severe that the harmless single woman engineer could not think clearly, or analyze the fraud clearly for 8-9 years since 2010, when the HUMAN RIGHTS abuses using radiation weapons started

Other than complaining loudly on a large number of websites, domains which she owned, the single woman who had no one one to help or protect her could do nothing, while google, tata, FRAUD LIAR indian internet companies who were aware that the indore ROBBER raw employees deepika was only COOKING, CLEANING for her crooked husband mahesh, FALSELY CLAIMED that indore robber deepika, who did not spend money on domains, owned the websites, bank account of the goa 1989 jee topper , her relative who she ROBBED to get the ruthless robber indore housewife deepika a monthly raw salary at the expenses of the goa 1989 jee topper

to cover up the human rights abuses, FINANCIAL FRAUD, the LIAR indian tech, internet sector led by google, tata falsely claimed that the domains, websites, of the goa 1989 jee topper, a single woman engineer, private citizen, belonged to the CRUEL FRAUD brahmin/bania ntro/raw employees like mhow monster puneet, j srinivasan, tushar parekh, vijay, patel, parmar, nikhil sha, who all HATED the single woman, never met her or helped her, yet FAKED their relationship with her, so that they could MISUSE her name, ROB everything from her and destroy her life completely

So though the goa 1989 jee topper had a much better 1989 jee rank than the google ceo sundar pichai, because of radiation torture she was subjected for more than 9 years, and google, tata’s policy of getting raw/cbi jobs for all those who BRIBE security agencies with FAKE BANK account, she is making almost nothing, while sundar pichai is getting millions of dollars in compensation for doing far less work.

Though the indian intelligence and security agencies are labelling all the websites as spam, they are followed closely by other intelligence agencies. It appears that other countries especially those hostile to USA, like Cuba, China, Russia are using the same radiation torture techniques on US diplomats in their country, cause memory loss and other problems. The Times of India carried a report on how a large number of US diplomats are being tortured using radiation weapons.