R&AW employee’s complaint about stylofebric shows the poor quality of the internet experts it hires

Stylofebric.in online shipping problems shows the real quality of online experts hired by R&AW
In most countries the intelligence agencies are hiring the best experts in a particular field. Officially according to a linkedin post, R&AW also claims that its employees are experts. yet in reality in the indian internet sector, R&AW/cbi are notorious for hiring lazy greedy frauds with no online income, investment and expertise with stock broker asmita patel one of the most notorious domain fraudsters who got a raw salary for faking domain ownership
Yet it appears that a very pampered and highly promoted R&AW employee who is allegedly falsely claiming to be a domain investor (owning this and other websites) to get monthly salaries is facing problems with Stylofebric.in
The R&AW employee has no online income, no online investment, yet R&AW is falsely claiming that the employee, a lazy fraud is an online expert, because her powerful SUGAR DADDIES in ntro, google, tata have given the R&AW employee, their sugar baby, FAKE REFERENCES because they hate the real online expert, and want to deny her the income she deserves, stealing her identity
The R&AW employee’s complaint posted online shows her real level of expertise online, and she has also posted her gmail address.
It is time that political parties ask R&AW/cbi to improve the quality of the online experts they hire, since indian taxpayer money is wasted to pay these fraud experts monthly salaries and pension