Greedy SHAMELESS R&AW employee stock broker asmita patel cheating domain investor of Rs 10 lakh annually with her domain fraud

Google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi are harassing the domain investor for ten years falsely claiming that they are woried about honesty, tax evasion. Yet these fraud government agencies and companies fail to explain why raw is paying a monthly salary to Greedy SHAMELESS R&AW employee stock broker asmita patel, who does not spend any money on domains, falsely claiming that she owns the domains of a private citizen, single woman engineer

R&AW is paying an annual salary of more than Rs 5 lakh to the fraud greedy gujju thane stock broker asmita patel, falsely claiming that the thane fraudster owns domains including this one, when she does not pay for and control any domain at all while the real domain investor is not getting any salary despite paying more than Rs 4 lakh annually for domain renewals.

Usually domain investors are treated with respect, yet because of the ntro, raw, cbi, google, tata domain ownership fraud the real domain investor is wasting her time and money fighting the criminal defamation, false government propaganda. So due to the ntro, raw, cbi , tata domain fraud of asmita patel, sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar and other raw/cbi employees faking domain ownership, the domain investor is losing Rs 10 lakh or more every year, for more than 7 years since 2013

Mossad is respected because it does not act against israeli citizens, while indian citizens, especially domain investors are wasting their time, fighting the criminal defamation of R&AW, cbi, ntro