google, CIA aggressively promoting ROBBER R&AW employee indore housewife deepika only COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING for ROBBING her relative

Though it can be legally proved that the ROBBER R&AW employee indore housewife deepika is only COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING like most of the fraud raw/cbi employees faking domain ownership, btech 1993 ee degree the sundar pichai led google, tata, cia are aggressively promoting the ROBBER R&AW employee indore bespectacled housewife deepika for robbing her relative, a google competitor, domain investor, and single woman engineer with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai

Google, tata’s favorite robber indore housewife has no online income at all, she has never invested any money in domains and is least interested in doing so in future, yet the indicating the complete lack of ethics of google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi, cia, they are falsely claiming that the indore role model robber deepika, who does no computer work at all, owns the paypal, bank account, domains of her relative who she robbed

R&AW, ntro,cbi are aware that indore robber deepika has invested money only in gold, land worth Rs 5-6 crore, and is getting Rs 11-12 lakh rental annually, she does not spend any money on domains, which are costing her relative who the R&AW employee ROBBED Rs 4 lakh annually. Yet google, CIA, tata, ntro, raw, cbi, indian and madhya pradesh government continue their fraud of fake claims about the indore based robber deepika, exploiting and cheating the single woman domain investor.

Hence people should be aware that cia, google are involved in a massive fraud making fake claims about the indore robber R&AW employee housewife deepika (name changed ) who does not pay for any domain and has no online income