Living on the Latte Life

My wife has become a big fan of lattes after going to this one coffee shop during our travels. She wanted to start having lattes at home, so she found a coffee maker on Cuppabean and bought it online. I drink coffee from time to time, but I’m not a regular drinker like my wife. She will often go to the local coffee shop and either order a regular cup of coffee or order an iced coffee if she feels like having something a little different that day. Now that she’s into lattes, she’s been trying new things even more.

Sometimes in the morning I have to rush out of the door, and I’ll sometimes take a quick cup of coffee and put it in my tumbler if I need to have something that will keep me awake on the road. Driving to work while it’s still a little dark is no fun at all, and I wish I could come into work later or at least work from home, but my boss won’t allow it. I must admit that the lattes taste really good when I’m driving that early in the morning. I take a little time to sip them when I come to a stop in traffic.

My wife likes to take a big thermos with her everywhere she goes. She’s gone through quite a few of them because she drops them occasionally and once they’re dropped, they break instantly. There’s nothing that can be done to fix a dropped thermos. This is why I usually don’t but them for her as gifts, because she’ll just have to replace it soon enough. While she does have a functioning thermos, she likes to fill it up with coffee to drink throughout the day. Now she fills it up with lattes.