Indian intellligence agencies show poor judgement repeatedly resulting in NPAs, bank losses

The media reported that India’s largest bank SBI had posted its largest ever loss, of more than Rs 7000 crore, and this is largely because the indian government is allowing the extremely powerful corrupt dishonest intelligence and security agencies to run amok, harassing harmless hardworking indian citizens to steal their resumes, savings, make their relatives, friends rich and powerful, and allowing defaulter to roam around freely

The total losses of the public sector banks in India are now exceeding Rs 50,000 crore according to media reports, and this is largely because of the inefficiency and incompetence, dishonesty and corruption of the indian intelligence and security agencies . The bank employee sanctioning the loan should be able to judge the repayment ability of the person taking the loan fairly well, however in 2018, the indian government has given great powers and pays a monthly government salary to greedy dishonest liar cheater officials who are poor judges of character and does not penalize for making mistakes which cause the loss of crores of indian tax payer money

For example, the fraud ntro employees like hathwar, kodancha, j srinivasan, puneet, vijay, parmar, patel are given great powers though they are extremely poor judges of character, competence, risk taking ability, allowed to waste crores of rupees of indian tax payer money without being questioned. These ntro employees thought that they could steal the identity of an experienced engineer for their lazy greedy inexperienced relatives and friends, so they subjected the engineer to an identity theft attempt for 7 years, wasting crores of rupees in tax payer money and resources.

After 7 years, it is clear that the relatives and friends of these intelligence employees like nayanshree hathwar are only interested in housekeeping or offering sex services, no one is interested in doing any work online and investing any money online. Why did the powerful cbi, ntro employees not judge the competence and risk taking ability of their lazy greedy cheater liar relatives, friends correctly before they started their great fraud of stealing the identity of an experienced engineer?

Intelligence agencies are supposed to predict the future accurately , however indian intelligence employees appear to be lacking in intelligence