Western intelligence agencies are very good at manipulating top indian officials

The decline in the revenues of patanjali exposed the fact, that Western intelligence agencies are very good at manipulating top indian officials, and policy makers, so that they attain their own goals, while the indian officials waste tax payer money and resources.
The US, UK intelligence agencies understand the mindset of indians very well, their weaknesses which they can exploit, while indians lack a similar understanding of their western counterparts, they are often grovelling before the westerners.

For example slim google, tata supplied goan bhandari R&AWemployee sex worker sunaina chodan has never done any work online in her life, and is least interested in doing so. However google, cia, nsa wanted to defame the google competitor, so they manipulated top ntro officials like j srinivasan, puneet to abuse their powers and falsely claim that sunaina, the panaji prostitute was working online, and they managed to do so. So though sunaina is only a call girl, she has got great powers at the expense of the google competitor, and is now abusing them to harass the google competior, causing her great losses, increasing the profit of google

It appears that the MNC companies had the person or persons in charge at Patanjali make some incorrect decisions like
– only supplying expensive rice costing more than rs 100 a kg
– advertising extensively when there are few or no retailers
– many products are out of stock at retailers, cheaper products are not easily available
– retailers are not very interested in selling, or are located at hidden locations

When google, could have its lazy mediocre fraud associates hold important jobs in R&AW/cbi with stolen identities of competitors, it must be simple for the MNCs to manipulate the decision makers at patanjali, because the company allegedly took pride in its indian culture.