Lack of competent intelligence employees cause of many of goa’s problems

Many of goa’s problems are related to the fact that the top intelligence agency employees are not very competent and are unable to predict the future accurately unlike the officials in Mumbai , which is the reason why mumbai is so wealthy and the commercial capital of india

When the google competitor had applied for a passport in Mumbai in 2009, the person who processed the passport correctly predicted that she would likely be subjected to an identity theft attempt, however she would be able to retain her engineering degree and experience for the rest of her life, so the passport number ended with 41 . The intelligence official realized that a woman who has come so far away from her family to get an engineering degree from a top college at a very young age, work as an engineer, realized that the woman would never give up her engineering degree, however much she was bullied or harassed.

The intelligence agencies in Mumbai are fairly competent in predicting the future of a person unlike the powerful shameless frauds in goa who are extremely greedy, do not appreciate honesty, hard work, education and experience causing the financial and other problems in the state. It would be interesting to find out the name of the intelligence official in Mumbai who processed the request.

On the other hand, the intelligence employees in goa have massive egos, are blinded by their prejudices, greed, that they stupidly thought that they could bully the engineer to agree to identity theft.The fraud top goan officials do not think that there is anything wrong in falsely claiming that sex workers, inexperienced housewives who have not studied engineering are experienced engineers ,and this lack of personal and professional integrity, lack of respect for educated women, is the cause of many problems in the state as they waste resources and tax payer money in attempting an incredible fraud.

Instead of wasting time and money in harassing, defaming, cheating and exploiting the experienced engineer, it is time that the officials in goa reviewed their process of subjecting experienced engineers to identity theft and promoting call girls, cheater housewives, who never worked as engineers, as experienced engineers giving them great powers