Google, tata, NTRO, R&AW blocking all ad sales for google competitor

In a clear case of corporate espionage, google, tata are blocking ad sales on most websites for the google competitor, whose resume, savings, correspondence and memory they have stolen without a court order or legally valid reason. These officials do not want the google competitor to have any source of passive income, so that she can fight them legally and end the identity theft fraud, sex racket.
The google competitor has observed that the ads are being cancelled for various websites and despiting adding more websites, the revenues are remaining almost the same or decreasing rapidly in some cases. So it is better to let the domains expire or sell them if possible.
For example for testing the google competitor found that in november she was able to make more than $100 writing for a few hours daily, while for the websites which had the income has increased by only $6 for one ad network and total revenues are almost the same as writing revenues. For the ad network, she is investing a lot of money in domain names, webhosting, content and getting almost no money, making a loss, as ntro is blocking all the sales
So there are no incremental revenues from registering more domains , why waste time searching and registering and money to make a loss. The same time can be used to make some money, selling existing domains, writing